Monday, May 5, 2008

Interracial gay fucking

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This has been one fucked up winter. I hate the cold weather. We've had our
fair share of cold days but once again today was brutal. As it would turn
out, the nasty weather would work in my favor...
I was on my way home from having lunch (I work nights) and I saw a rather
heavy young black male walking along the sidewalk. The wind was whipping and
the temperature was already down to the single digits. Snow had started
falling. I could see the young man struggling against the bitter cold. I
waved at him as I drove by. He perked up and waved.
I drove a few blocks further and pulled into the parking lot for a hotel.
Reaching into the back seat of the car, I pulled out a copy of a porno
magazine full of white bitches taking black cocks in their mouths and up their
pussies and asses. I left the magazine on the floorboard of the car. I do this
for a reason - it gives me the chance to mention the porno magazine to the
unsuspecting passenger.
I drove back to where the young man was walking and motioned him over to the
car. I asked if he needed a ride. He said he did and as he started to get
in I asked if he would please pick up the magazine so it would not get
stepped on. He saw it and his eyes lit up. As he got in, the kid shut the door of
the car and opened the magazine with astonishment, as if it was his first
look at smut. I knew I had him.
We talked as I took him to the mall. He introduced himself as Jermaine. I
told him my real name. We discussed our mutual friends including a friend of
mine who almost every nigga in town knows. The readers have read about my
bisexual friend Jerome in the account about the Mississippi Thug. As we talked,
Jermaine loosened up and discussed how much he needed some squares
(cigarettes). I drove him down to the mall and while he applied for a job, I waited
for him.
Now bear in mind, this kid was far from cute. He filled up the front of my
car. I would estimate him to be about 24 and weighing in at about 330 pounds
and standing 6'2" tall. He was a good sized man. But weight doesn't mean
much to me. I like the very black skin, the ghetto attitude, and love to be
dominated. A big man can dominate me as easily if not more easily than a
skinny, flat-assed, droopy jeans pothead. I saw potential in this man and I was
going to get me some of that dark meat!
Jermaine applied at a restaurant at the mall and saw me waiting for him when
he finished. We got in the car and were talking on the way out. Jermaine
said that he had been locked up for six months and hadn't had head or pussy for
that long and he still can't get no pussy. Judging from his build, I can
understand why some women might turn their heads and not give him the time of
day but I considered this a diamond in the rough.
"I know how it goes," I said. "Since I gained some weight a lot of people
don't give me the time of day. Gay guys often want a six-pack. They don't
know what they're missing. You probably run into that with your size."
He agreed. "Bitches be on some BULLSHIT! I just want me some head!" I had
to jump in at that point.
"You know I'm kind of a freak," I interjected. "You know how everyone said
Jerome was doing freaky shit? I was who he was fucking with. I can't help
it. I like sucking dick - black dick - and I don't care about a person's
weight. Big guys like us need love too. I know I'm not what you want but it's
there if you need it."
"Hell yeah," Jermaine replied. "Head is HEAD! Where we gonna do it at?"
I suggested my house which was pretty close by the mall. He agreed to go
there with me so we started driving in that direction. My heart was racing.
Bagging a dude is like fishing. Sometimes you don't always really care about
eating the fish - it's the lure and the capture that makes it fun!
Jermaine started looking at the magazine again. I rubbed my hand over his
pot belly and he settled back as I went lower and massaged his growing bulge.
It was apparent that the dick would not be all that large and I would have to
contend with a big gut but I could handle it. It's all about the DICK.
Jermaine looked like the kind of guy that would sit back, watch a porno movie,
and unceremoniously dribble a little cum into my mouth.
Jermaine surprised me. We arrived at my place and he settled his beefy
frame onto my couch. I put in a DVD porno movie of a bitch taking on four black
cocks. Jermaine didn't like the choice of movies but agreed that it was okay
to play that one. He sat back.
I unbuckled his black trousers and pulled them down. He pulled down his blue
and white striped boxers. Predictably, the cock was not huge and it had a
long foreskin covering it with skin to spare. I've learned to like sucking
uncut cocks if they are clean. Knowing it could be a smelly one, I skinned it
back and slipped it into my mouth.
Nothing could have prepared me for this one. It was slimy and it fucking
stank. His pubes reeked and I thought I was going to throw up. I pulled off.
"Getcho' mouth back on mah dick!" Jermaine exclaimed. "What the fuck the
matta wit' chu?"
I prepared myself for the worst. The second stroke wasn't so bad. I bathed
his cock in saliva, cleaning it up as I went. I got used to the funky pube
smell and actually liked it. It was the same musk I crave only much stronger.
The dick was ugly as fuck though. It bent in a horizontal curve that
almost came back at him. But it was a black cock. It was a young felon's black
cock making it one of the most precious penises on the planet. I had it in
my possession and fate had given me the opportunity to drain it of its
precious sperm.
With such an oddly shaped cock, I wanted to hold on to it so as to get my
mouth and Jermaine's cock lined up. This worked for a while but eventually he
did not want any part of that.
"Bitch, suck this cock with no hands." I took my hand away. He put both of
his hands on my head and started pulling and pushing my head up and down,
gagging me. His dick wasn't that long - only about six inches, but with the
curve, it was doing things to my throat that I've never had done before!
Jermaine became impatient and stood up. He commanded me to sit on the couch
and suck his cock while he stood. I tried but the angle wasn't right. He
became angry and told me to get on my knees.
I sank to my knees on the floor and took the coal black cock into my hand.
It was ugly to look at. It was bent, had an ugly hood, and stank. But it
was a cock that this sexually superior black man empowered me to suck. It was
my duty to get him off.
I started a slow sucking rhythm using plenty of saliva as I stroked his
cock. Jermaine seemed to like that.
"Yeah bitch, suck that dick. I know how thirsty you bitches are for this
dick. You think you so sneaky to get that dick and I was wanting the whole
time to get mah dick sucked, faggot. I'm gonna cum down yo' white throat and
you gonna swallow mah nut."
By then my jaws were getting tired. Jermaine's funky shaped cock was putting
a strain on my practiced mouth. He grew impatient and again grabbed my
head with both hands, shoving that dick in deeper. I gagged and pulled back.
"Don't chu spit mah dick out!" he bellowed. "You gonna get a nut in yo'
mouth o' up yo' ass but you don't never spit mah shit out bitch! Now suck my
I was so turned on I couldn't stand it. I took Jermaine's hand and lightly
slapped myself on the cheek with it. He laughed.
"You like dat shit?" he asked. I nodded. He laughed and slapped my face.
This time it stung. I like to get play slapped but he made it hurt a little
more than I'm used to.
"It hurt?" Jermaine asked. I nodded. He slapped me again but not quite so
hard this time. He had a look in his eyes that I can only describe as evil
"Damn I wish we had mo' time. I wanna tear yo' ass UP bitch !" he snarled. "
Fuck you up yo' punk ass."
"God I want you to fuck me," I begged. "Fuck me, piss on me, whatever they
do locked up. I want you to rape my ass Jermaine." He laughed. That man
knew he had me hooked.
"Suck mah dick and don't stop till I nut, BITCH o' I'll knock the fuck out
chu!" At this point it was still role playing but it was a huge turn-on to
both of us.
I went back to sucking his dick with a renewed vigor. It still stank down
there a little and my face stung from letting this street nigga smack me
around. But it was exciting and I wanted to make him cum.
Jermaine started fucking my face holding my head steady. It wasn't too hard
to accept his thrusts. His dick started thickening. I held on to his meaty
thighs with both hands and it was easy to feel his big frame tremble as he
approached orgasm.
"Cumming!" was all he said. I felt the first spurt go into my mouth. It
was salty beyond belief. Noxious was more like it. The semen was bitter and
ever so salty.
"Swallow it!" Jermaine bellowed and I took every last spurt, probably five
or six. I got up and ran into the kitchen to drink down some Diet Coke to
wash away the terrible flavor.
I know what some of you must think. This kid was not cute. His dick was odd
looking and he was not bathed. He was ghetto as hell and used me like a
cum rag. A person should ashamed of this kind of behavior but I am not. In
fact, I am grateful to be used and degraded as his cumslut. Jermaine's got my
phone number and he's going to call me again.
On the way back to where he stays, I bought him a pack of cigarettes. I
asked him if he will fuck me next time like he used to do in prison. I wonder
what that bent dick will feel like in a booty hole...
Anyway, heavier thugs are well worth the effort. I've had a few now and find
that the sex is just as good if not better. Don't overlook the chance to
suck off a thug with a gut. More Interracial Gay Fucking